Agency Wish Lists

American Red Cross

Travel Deodorant, Travel Toothpaste, Razors

Aztec Boys and Girls Club

Embroidery Thread, Wii Games, X-Box Games, Plastic Totes, Digital Cameras, DVD’s (G or PG), Skates or Roller Blades, Coloring Books, Color Pencils, Electric Pencil Sharpener, Board Games, Acrylic Paint, Bulletin Boards, Small Tool Box, Pliers, Screw Driver Set, Needle Nose Pliers, Wagon, Chairs, Art and Craft Supplies, Desk.

Bloomfield Boys and Girls Club

Folding Tables, Folding Chairs, Pens, Pencils, Backpacks, Board Games, Balls(basketballs, kick balls, dodge balls), Frisbees, Jump ropes, Computer Monitors, Extension cords, Power Strips, Legos, Dress-Up Clothes, Arts and Crafts Supplies, Copy Paper, Electric Air Pump, School Supplies (Binders, Pencil Bags, Glue, etc.), Clorox Wipes, Sanitizer, Kleenex, Pre-Packaged Snack Foods (Goldfish, Graham Crackers, Cheese Its, etc.), Fresh Fruit.

People Assisting the Homeless

1. Someone with electrical expertise for small repairs

2. Someone willing to offer short classes on employment preparedness etc. (once per week in the evenings) and Health and Nutrition (perhaps having a hands on demo each class)

3. Paper products such as: Toilet paper (large Commercial size), paper towels (rolls and foldaway), Kleenex, napkins, and copy paper

4. Detergents (laundry soap and dish soap), Pine sol, bleach, window cleaner, scouring pads

5. Plastic cups, plates, and bowls

6. Towels and washcloths, dishcloths and dish towels

7. Blankets (twin size only) gently used is good

8. Healthy snacks such as popcorn, pretzels, fruit, trail mix, etc. (we always need these items)

9.Any food product is accepted; we don’t need these items due to receiving them from ECHO on a monthly basis: Peanut butter, beans, rice, canned vegetables, pastas, tomato sauces.

10.Other foods used and hard to come by are : Sugar, spices/seasonings, vegetable oil, cake & brownie mixes, jams and jellies, powdered coffee creamer, (generally get coffee from ECHO as well), juice and powdered beverage mix.

Sexual Assault Services of Northwest New Mexico

2 Letter Filing Cabinets, locking (black), 2 – Medical chair rolling stools, 7 - Rolling chairs (not cloth) without arms, 10 - Chairs for conference table that slide well/easily on carpet, Gas Cards, Food (non-perishable) for survivors when they come for their SANE exams, Granola bars, Cans of Soup, Chips, Gold Fish, Crackers, Box juices, Shower/Bath Puffs, Journals.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Volunteer Mentors, Discounted activities for Bigs & Littles (dinner, movies, sporting activities, etc.),Event Sponsors (Christmas Party, Halloween Party , etc.), Portable Gazebo, In-kind items (Door prizes for events, Decorations, Food/drinks/catering activities), Newer Video game consoles & accessories – X-box/WII, School Based activity box items (Board Games, Arts & Crafts Supplies, Coloring/Activity Books, Crayons, Colored Pencils), New or lightly used sports equipment, Office Items (Book shelves, Conference room chairs, TV/DVD player, Copy paper, 11x14 paper for newsletters, 3 ring binders all sizes, Larger shredder, Folding machine), Automobile Fuel Cards, Backpacks and school supplies.

Kirtland Youth Association

Cleaning Supplies

ECHO Food Bank

Small Tubes of Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Small Personal Hygiene Items, Diapers, Pet Food, Flat Metal Carts with Wheels, Two New Exhaust Fans for Bathrooms, Free Standing Fans, Replace Two Overhead Heaters, Two Portable Fan Heaters, Two- 5’ long Heavy Duty Folding Tables, Floor Cleaning Machine,