Agency Partners

San Juan United Way provides funding for 41 programs within four different core service areas throughout San Juan County. New agencies seeking to become a Partner Agency go through an exacting process. It doesn't stop there though. Our Partners must apply for funding each year and again undergo a rigorous review by our Community Investment Volunteers.

In addition, our Partners are required to submit semi annual reports to United Way. We do all this so that our donors can be assured that their investment in San Juan United Way is used wisely to create a safety net of services for our community.

Community Safety Net

When you give to United Way, you help more than just one person and help meet more than just one need. Your donation creates a community safety net in which a variety of local resources come together to address and solve vital health and human service needs in San Juan County.

United Way Partner Agencies cover a wide range of services to get those in need back on their feet.

Your donation is vital to the safety net because it helps restore some of the stability lost when the unexpected happens and gives the hopeless hope.

No matter how large or small, your donation counts!

Thank You!

Thank you to the Colorado Document Security. Thank you for shredding documents free one time each year for non-profits in San Juan County. Your generosity helps non-profits save hundreds of dollars each year, by safely and securely destroying their confidential documents. Your help is greatly appreciated!